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Our Story

At the start of the Year 2000 millennium, I envisioned creating a conducive space for couples to express themselves openly and feel at ease with professional facilitation. Sexual intimacy was an unspoken subject and couples just kept this "sacred" topic behind closed doors. Many were supportive and anticipated my vision. Finally, the time is here....

In the fall of 2008, together with my team, we opened our first flagship showroom, Mr & Mrs Smith The Couple Store, in Singapore. Located in the prime residential Bukit Timah area, Mr & Mrs Smith The Couple Store is a haven for all couples to embark on an conducive and interactive learning environment. Within the private enclave, couples can discover their needs & desires, while finding new, luscious ways to embrace each other. Mr & Mrs Smith The Couple Store primarily promotes couplehood, fertility and sexual health among couples who wish to enhance their relationship.

Today, being the exclusive distributor of 13 distinguished brands from United States, Germany, Spain, Sweden & Australia, Singapore is the first to enjoy new products & couple programme launches in Asia. These carefully selected and high quality brands have one dedicated purpose: To provide endless opportunities for couples to bond and to love.

Finally to all loving men and women, I wish you joy, excitement and many healthful years to come. After all, men, women and love do matter.

Ian Ong, Founder

Our True Mission

We adopt an engaging & holistic approach to promote & celebrate couplehood, through a wide array of exclusive products & personal services to help couples to:

  • Uncover their desires;
  • Explore their senses & sensuality;
  • Embrace sensual adventures;
  • Boost sexual well-being;
  • Better their communications;
  • Improve their chances of conception.

Our Desired Vision

To be Asia's leading chain boutique stores for couples to explore intimacy and health by fulfilling couple's loving needs with premium products, using up-to-date technology, information & communications.


Our Showroom

Nestled in the prime Bukit Timah area, the newly expanded Mr and Mrs Smith The Couple Store promotes healthy couplehood, fertility and sexual health in Singapore. Embark on a refreshing journey within the double-storey Mr & Mrs Smith The Couple Store and be inspired to touch and love once again.

A baroque setting beckons as you enter the first level, Sensual Evening. Slip into soft bedroom slippers & let this be your newfound home. Be greeted by our friendly facilitators who would take you for a quick tour. Three distinctively created rooms: The Drawing Room, The Dungeon & The Chamber. Be seduced by the alluring, warm-orange lights & rhapsody music. Let magnificent Renaissance armchairs & fine Venetian masks tease your imagination and evoke your feelings. With screened doors to surprise you from what is hidden, be overwhelmed by the lasting charm within.

The Drawing Room

The Drawing Room

The main hall of the level mainly features the range of 100% made-in-USA Liberator Shapes & Furniture. Be spontaneous & rest yourself in the comfortable curves of the orthopedically designed Esse Love Lounge. Imagine having this stylish & versatile lounge chair in your living room or bedroom. In the day, read your favourite book or watch a movie in it; by night, use it to reinvent ways to make love & babies. Explore new angles, creative positions & fresh perspectives with this uplifting piece to achieve out of the world experiences.

The Dungeon

The Dungeon

Enter the dynamic world of captivity & liberation. Unleash your deepest desires, get in touch with your wild instincts & get a little adventurous. The Dungeon features the light bondage Liberator Black Label accessories - after all, great passion isn't only about release; be amazed by what a little restraint can do to heighten thrills.

The Chamber

The Chamber

Where your bedroom adventure comes alive. An elegant four-poster bed takes centre-stage with Liberator Shapes & Furniture. Feel the smooth fabric against your soft skin, while you rest on the Esse and enjoy the short video clip. Against the embellished walls stand tall, classy cabinets where simple pleasures are in store for you. Be enlightened as our friendly & knowledgeable facilitators share the stories behind these accessories.

Loving Day

As you sashay your way up the stairs, each small step marks a transition into another haven. Welcome to the second level, affectionately known as Loving Day. Be overwhelmed by the massive showcase of distinguished brands from all over the world.

Feel free to browse & understand the exclusive brands with the assistance of our lovely facilitators - you would realise that each product enchants in its unique way. Here are sensual balms & lotions that will make you move & groove, as well as delectable edibles to sweeten every kiss and add flavour to your relationship.

Also, find exquisite gift sets & fetish bags that will please any friend on any occasion & books that tickle your fancies.

Need a well-deserved break? Take a seat in our cosy cafe. Let the rich aroma of well-brewed coffee caress & soothe you as you take a sip, & savour light yet satisfying refreshments. Freshly baked from The Cookie Museum, they will leave you asking for more.

No matter the activity, Loving Day is a space that enlivens the mind & soul, & allows you to feel at ease. It opens candid conversations, making it an ideal venue for engaging & enriching workshops, as well as sleek parties & product launches.


Our Services

At Mr & Mrs Smith The Couple Store, we believe in providing professional service & interpersonal communication.

Our Core Services

  • In-house Personal Facilitation
  • Personal Product Adviser
  • 16 hours Live Help & Customer Careline
  • Referrals to other services
  • Guaranteed 1 year manufacturer's warranty for selected brands & products

Delivery & Aftercare Services

  • Local Delivery Service within 48 to 72 hours, subject to stock availability
  • Cash on Delivery Service
  • Same Day Shipping for Regional/Overseas orders

Inhouse Services

  • Events & Workshops Collaboration
  • Private Parties & Functions
  • Product Launches
  • Seminars & Courses
  • Affiliation with Organizations & Associations


  1. Kama Sutra 101
  2. Pleasure Toys & Sensuality
  3. Liberator & Conception


Medical Affilations

  • Thomson Fertility Centre
  • Noel Leong Fertility & IVF
  • LN Sim Clinic for Women
  • Thomson Women's Clinic (AMK Hub)
  • Parkway Women & Fertility Clinic


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Mr & Mrs Smith The Couple Store promotes healthy couplehood, fertility and sexual health in Singapore. We seek to help you revitalize yourselves,reignite your passions, rekindle your relationships and rediscover love. Man. Woman. Love Matters.
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